KLOUD 9 Update #1 – Book One is Underway!

Hi, y’all! I just realized I never wrote anything about it on my website, so here it is:

In July 2021, it was officially announced that IDW Publishing is going to publish our YA, queer space opera graphic novel trilogy, KLOUD 9! The story is about Kal, a lonely orphan trying to keep himself afloat with odd jobs, and Cosmo, an extraterrestrial Star Soldier. After falling in love, the two are forced to go on the run and flee the solar system, joined by a motley crew.

Currently, we’re hard at work on the first book’s script, and for now, it is scheduled to be out by 2024! Dominic Bustamante, my wonderful co-creator/best buddy, and I are so excited to bring this beautiful project to life! We’ve been spending countless hours building our universe and living in it, hoping that one day, other kids and adults would read our books and get immersed in the world and fall in love with our characters.

I just wish I was able to show you or talk to you more about it, but I guess this’ll have to be it for now. From now on, whenever I have some sort of an update about this project, I’ll post it on my social media accounts obviously, but here, I’ll allow myself to dive a little deeper for anyone who’s interested (Hopefully, there’s someone like this out here hahaha).

So, for whoever’s reading this, thank you so much for supporting me and showing interest in the comics I produce using my dumb, overly sensitive brain.

Stay honest and keep following your dreams! 🙂

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