First Crowdfunding Campaign FUNDED!

3 months ago, Ethan Lu and I decided to embark on our first crowdfunding journey. It was for a 24-page double-feature realistic horror comic with artist Ethan Lu. We called it Sick & Party Invasion.

Roughly a month ago, the campaign launched. All rewards were digital– something you don’t see often, but we were hopeful.

Now, it’s a successful KS campaign with 119% of its goal reached!

This is all to say: always believe in yourself –even when all the odds are against you– but also, thank you. Thank you to everyone who backed, shared, gave us a platform to promote our book. There’s simply too many to acknowledge, but y’all know who you are!

KLOUD 9 Update #1 – Book One is Underway!

Hi, y’all! I just realized I never wrote anything about it on my website, so here it is:

In July 2021, it was officially announced that IDW Publishing is going to publish our YA, queer space opera graphic novel trilogy, KLOUD 9! The story is about Kal, a lonely orphan trying to keep himself afloat with odd jobs, and Cosmo, an extraterrestrial Star Soldier. After falling in love, the two are forced to go on the run and flee the solar system, joined by a motley crew.

Currently, we’re hard at work on the first book’s script, and for now, it is scheduled to be out by 2024! Dominic Bustamante, my wonderful co-creator/best buddy, and I are so excited to bring this beautiful project to life! We’ve been spending countless hours building our universe and living in it, hoping that one day, other kids and adults would read our books and get immersed in the world and fall in love with our characters.

I just wish I was able to show you or talk to you more about it, but I guess this’ll have to be it for now. From now on, whenever I have some sort of an update about this project, I’ll post it on my social media accounts obviously, but here, I’ll allow myself to dive a little deeper for anyone who’s interested (Hopefully, there’s someone like this out here hahaha).

So, for whoever’s reading this, thank you so much for supporting me and showing interest in the comics I produce using my dumb, overly sensitive brain.

Stay honest and keep following your dreams! 🙂

For Better or Worse Last Chapter is OUT!


Click HERE to read the last chapter of our beautiful webcomic!
Click HERE to read the first chapter for those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet!
Thank you so much for coming along with us on this crazy, sappy ride. See ya in the next comic 🙂

Edmonton Expo 2019 (North American Comic Con Tour)

For those of you who don’t know by now, back in early August, I decided to go on a North American Comic Con tour with a few goals in mind:

1) To meet as many extremely talented comic creators as I can and talk to them about the craft.
2) To pick the brains of industry pros that I really look up to.
And 3) To give everyone who might be interested in reading my work and give me feedback the collection of my short comics “I Love You and Other Tales…”

So far, it’s been an amazing and educational experience that I will surely never forget.

Okay, my third stop of this tour, @edmontonexpoofficial 2019 sadly ended yesterday and by far, it was the most fun and most amazing comic con I’ve been to in my tour. I met and talked to so many incredibly nice and professional people that gave me a lot to think about and taught me a lot, for sure.

Peeps like @lancegoiter to @scottaford1@vicmalhotra_art@yaciuk, Alexander Finbow at @renegadeartsent@lovernkindz@ragsnhashtags@pryce14@gmbchomichuk, and probably a lot more that I forgot.
I want to thank them so much for making this comic con experience a great one.
Now, can’t wait to get to my next stop in the trip: @cartooncrossroads

What’s New #1 – Monthly Update


April 2019 Update.


Hey, guys.
AJ O. Mason here.
This is my first attempt at writing a monthly update for anyone who might be interested in what’s going on recently in my “career” (I’m still a bit uncomfortable calling it a career, but I’ll get over it) as a comic book writer and letterer.

If you happen to come across this update and read it, please let me know in any way you can what you think about it, how do you think I can improve, etc.
I wanted to do this thing for a long time, and I really want this thing to work, so, any feedback could help.

Okay, so, with the introduction out of the way, let’s get to the news, shall we?

I Love You and Other Tales…” is for sale at Orbital Comics!

Oh, boy, I can’t even express how excited I am about this! Four copies of my short comics collection “I Love You and Other Tales…” are available for purchase in the Small Press section at Orbital Comics for the next two months.
I met the nice staff members of Orbital Comics back in late March when my girlfriend and I were on a 5-day trip to London, and I am so glad I decided to enter the store. All of them were really nice, and I immediately felt welcomed. At first, I thought they were never going to agree to stock the copies in their store, but they were glad to do that. I’ll forever be thankful to them. After all, they are the first ones to do it.

So, if you’re in London anytime soon, go visit Orbital Comics and grab a copy of my comic collection if you can. I would deeply appreciate it 🙂

Leap #1 gets released May 1st! First full-length comic of mine to get published!

The first full-length comic book I’ve ever written, Leap, is set for release by Ashcan Comics Publications on May 1st, with art by Ricardo Rock Alves, and a cover colored by Nate Lindley. Leap is a one-shot drama comic about two cancer patients who become life-long friends over the course of a 3-day stay at the hospital. I got the idea for this story while volunteering for a whole week in my local hospital, and it turned out to be this beautiful, emotional story about hope, death, and second chances. If you want to check it out, follow me on Twitter (@ajomasonwriter) for updates about that.



Project Progress #1 – Mets

PAGINA 1 lettering (1)

First page of a project I’m so excited to finally share with you.
Unfortunately, I can’t reveal more details just yet, but, I promise you…
This project is going to be INSANE.

Art by Daniel Caval. @Danielcaval3 on Instagram.

I’ve also updated a few of my site pages if you want to check out what stuff I’ve been working on lately and what I got coming out soon!
Thanks, and guess I’ll see you next month 🙂